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The Story Behind The Story...

For some reason, I never considered writing realistic middle grade fiction until my children and I discovered The Penderwicks at our local library. Do you know it? You should read it. Or listen to it! The audiobook is fantastic. I fell in love with that series and decided to try my hand at the genre.


Just as Jeanne Birdsall's series featured four siblings (all sisters), I decided my book would have four siblings. However, my main characters would be two boys and two girls. Next, I needed a setting. Cue my childhood memories in Yosemite National Park.


When I was young, I spent a week at a time in Yosemite during four consecutive summers. Those days were magical. I remember the feeling of discovery, exploration, and adventure. I remember swimming in the river, star gazing on the cabin's back deck and walking to the Pine Tree Market in Wawona - the town where we always stayed.

Once I decided on a setting for my book, it was time for "research", a.k.a., a family road trip! So, my husband and I packed up our family of six and headed off. Armed with snacks and games to keep the kids entertained, we also needed an audiobook for the long drive. So, we listened to - you guessed it - the final book in The Penderwicks series (The Penderwicks At Last). 


During our time in Wawona, I took many notes and brainstormed plot ideas for my book on a legal pad. And voila! The Questfields was born. Though some of the incidents in the book are inspired by my own childhood experiences, the story is entirely imagined. I hope you enjoy it. 

And if you're looking for a place of inspiration, may I suggest visiting Yosemite? You just might fall in love with it too.

Photos From My Childhood Memories in Yosemite...

Riding the rapids of the Merced River.

Ready to catch insects with my trusty net.


All dressed up for the Barn Dance in Wawona.


My sister and I at Glacier Point.

Doesn't Half Dome make an impressive backdrop?

To learn about the Cover Art for  THE QUESTFIELDS...

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