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Alissa Holyoak​

Alissa's work has been featured in The Friend 

and Spider. Her debut novel,

The Questfields: A Summer in Yosemite,

is available now on Amazon.

Looking for a fun summer read?

The Questfields: A Summer in Yosemite

Available Now! 
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Signed Copies Available at our Store. 

Alissa's debut novel.

Four siblings.
Three months of summer.
One grand plan.

After losing their home, the Questfields head to Yosemite National Park to fix up a crumbling cabin in exchange for summer lodging. There are swimming holes to discover and trails to blaze. But where will they go in September?

Twelve-year-old Miles sets out to answer that question, hatching a plan that can’t fail – if he can get his brother and sisters on board.

Ten-year-old Rebecca agrees to Miles’s scheme because she knows it’s her fault they lost their home in the first place. And if she tells the truth, her family will never forgive her.

Eight-year-old Jack also vows to help, but he hopes Miles’s money-making goals and babysitting three-year old Dot won’t get in the way of adventure.


During the best-worst summer ever, the Questfields must work harder and stretch themselves farther than they’ve ever dared, before long-ignored rifts tear them apart and the mysterious Wawona Ruffian spoils their grand plan.

To learn the "The Story Behind the Story" of THE QUESTFIELDS...

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